Senin, 25 Februari 2013

Baratza at TED

Coffee service is underway at TED and we're serving some amazing coffees this year! All of this has been made possible by the support of our generous partners. For the crucial task of grinding these coffees to perfection, we are thrilled to partner with Baratza for the TED event this year. They have kindly provided the Vario-W for use by our baristas at all of the coffee bars for the manual brewing service.

From Baratza's blog, "With an event of this size, the need for accuracy, repeatability and reliability on a busy bar is critical. Grinding by weight eliminates the need for the baristas to pre-weigh the coffee, but instead allows the hoppers to be filled with the featured coffees of the hour or day, set the grind size and then grind the dose required, on demand. This allows the baristas to focus their time on the attendees they are serving." 

We agree! Thanks so much to Baratza for generously supporting this effort.

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