Kamis, 28 Februari 2013

Hario at TED

One of the challenges we give ourselves for TEDCoffee is to make 100% of the filter coffee brewed by hand. The purpose of this is threefold: we want to emphasize the nature of coffee as an artisan process (hand-picked, hand-roasted, hand-brewed), we love the theater of brewing on the front bar (and TED is all about theater), and - perhaps most importantly - we’re teaching people that brewing coffee is simple, and can easily be done in one’s kitchen with a minimum of inexpensive, well-designed equipment (and, you know, the D in TED stands for Design).

We’re grateful for Hario Japan’s support of their elegant, high-design equipment on the brew bar. And it’s not just the V60s on the front bar, it’s a complete Hario demonstration station at each bar (scales, brew stands, pouring kettles, filters), and it helps us underscore that beautiful union of great coffee, great baristas, and great tools. Thanks, Hario, for all you do for us.

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