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When Is It The Right Time To Change Management Jobs?

Since the economic decline of 2008 and 2009, many old jobs have been lost, while other new ones have been created. While the economy has improved a little of the last few years, many managers are still probably very cautious of making big career decisions. On one hand it may be best to stay where you are, but the alternative is to change management jobs and find a better role. In this article we will explore a few tips on what to do.
You Feel Like You Are No Longer Being Involved In Key Decisions
One of the most important parts of any change management job is that you have input in important decisions. This is because it will ultimately be down to you to deliver the results. If you feel that your department director and other bosses are no longer helping you be successful by not involving you in key decisions, then it is most likely time to step away from that role. You may be on the verge of being ousted, or it could be a sign that the leadership of the company is unsure about how to move the business forward. Either way, take it as a sign to change management jobs.
You Are Being Sidelined To Less Important Tasks
Do you feel as if your role is becoming less important to the overall success of the business? Did you used to have control of a key source of income for the firm, but now you are in control of something that isn't very important? It may be time to change management jobs. This is because moving you aside to a less important role suggests the company leadership does not think you are able to lead the most important part of the business. If the firm is also not doing to well in the current economic climate, then it may have to restructure in the future and make cuts to less important projects or products. Unfortunately this may mean you could be one of the first to go.
You Are Offered A New Opportunity For Self Development For Less Money
This can be a difficult decision. On the one hand taking a new role at a new business can help grow your career by giving you additional challenges which will help you moving forwards, however you would be earning less money for it. This could become frustrating, but if you have low overheads at home, then it should be considered. A short term drop in income might hold you back if you are looking to change management jobs, but if it can improve your career opportunities in one to two years time and may lead to better chances of a promotion, then go for it!
All in all, it's important to not just take in to account short term changes to your job and lifestyle, but also the long term. It would be a good idea to do some research into what skills are recommended for your career choice. This might be something you had only last looked at when you initially entered the job market, which could be several years ago. Nevertheless, it's always good to refresh your knowledge and expand your skill set to grow your career opportunities.

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